The 2009 African America Pavilion at Book Expo of America presents this AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2009 AWARD to DAWAYNE WILLIAMS

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Dawayne definitely has a bright future as writer, given his ability to keep the reader enthralled and on the edge of your seat. His autobiography is written in Technicolor in vivid words which jump right off the pages.

A man who deserves an award just for still being alive and for having endured the most horrible childhood imaginable without going insane.  HOLLYWOOD take note and turn this BOOK into a feature flick.

Kam Williams/Best Male Journalist of the Decade

                                           ****NEW BOOK****

Dawayne Williams has defied and prevail beyond the many stereotypes that society has about young African-American men. He has embraced the title of son, brother, father and now, author. In his book, Reputations Fade Away, he courageously tells the story of his journey from a street hustler to a dedicated father. Williams shares the details of his past lifestyle to give others an understanding of the challenges young African-Americans face, to identify with youth through their shared struggles and to inspire youth to write their own stories as a path to healing. 

As an adolescent lured by easy money, Williams got involved with the crime which plagued the Washington, DC area in the 80's. At a young age Williams learned the importance of having a tough reputation and unconsciously embraced the reputation of his absent father. Living the street life, he realized that the path he walked was endangering his life and the lives of others. Several times Williams barely escaped death, and he began to realize that his life had been spared for a purpose. 

Williams gradually began to turn away from his hazardous lifestyle and decided to embark on a greater mission.  His new book, Reputations Fade Away, is an important part of that mission. Currently, Williams is using his book to reach youth from the inner-city of DC, his hometown, to Houston, Texas. In addition, he has become a respected motivational speaker and mentor. His future endeavors include more books, a screenplay and the continued empowerment of today's youth to fulfill their own dreams.